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What FP Fitness and Powerlifting is all about

"FP Fitness and Powerlifting", created by Frazer Pennington, is an online coaching service specialising in powerlifting and strength training. Other services include fitness programmes, bodybuilding coaching and more. We offer bespoke training programming to get you the best possible results. 

We are made up of a few coaches and personal trainers, each with experience from different areas of the coaching industry, such as powerlifting and bodybuilding. Our aim is to take people to a level they wouldn't have thought they would or even could get to, with the right planning, anything is possible.

Frazer Pennington - Main programmer and creator of "FP Fitness & Powerlifting"

We love building products for you

Anthony Vega

VP Marketing

Frazer comes from a powerlifting background, where he has competed in the -120kg and 120kg+ categories since 2014. In this time he has achieved records at divisional and national records as well as representing Great Britain at the world championships in 2017. 

Frazer is also a qualified personal trainer after earning a diploma in personal training in 2014, since then he has built his knowledge and experience to help people get the most out of their training, specifically in strength training.

Tom McGlinchey - Bodybuilding programmer

Tom has gained years of experience and great knowledge of the bodybuilding world, through his own career as well as coaching others. Tom also offers nutritional guidance for bodybuilders, to help you towards getting the best results, building size and keeping the fat away.